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Gafacom is a health and medical information blogsite founded in 2017 under the principle that reliable medical and health information should be freely accessed and available to the public without restrictions. The founder and editor, Joackim Chogero, is a licensed pharmaceutical technician with extensive knowledge and expertise in patient counseling, drug dispensing, drug compounding, leadership, and research.

The main focus of Gafacom is to provide timely, reliable, high-quality, and credible health information to viewers all over the world. The blogsite serves medical experts as well as individuals who are passionate about learning about health. The posts on the website are lengthy and detailed, providing in-depth explanations to ensure that viewers get the information they need.

Gafacom specializes in the general health niche, covering diverse health topics to cater to the diverse needs of its viewers. The website may use third-party images that fall under creative common license terms. However, if any image on the website does not fall under this license, the website owners are willing to remove it if notified.

The website does not affiliate with any company, institution, or government, ensuring that it remains a source of unbiased information. Gafacom is passionate about providing health education and promoting health literacy among individuals, and its viewers appreciate the valuable information and resources provided on the website.

In summary, Gafacom is an essential online resource for individuals seeking timely, reliable, and accurate health and medical information. The website is committed to providing detailed information and health education, and its founder’s expertise and knowledge make it a go-to platform for healthcare professionals and individuals seeking health-related information.

The Editor

Joackim Chogero is a dedicated and knowledgeable healthcare professional who has made a significant impact on the field of pharmacy. As the owner and editor of Gafacom.website, he has created a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences related to health, diseases, and medical education.

Chogero’s expertise lies in several areas, including patient counseling, drug dispensing, drug compounding, leadership, and research. He has extensive knowledge of the pharmacy industry, as well as internet pharmacy, which enables him to provide valuable insights and information to his readers.

Chogero’s academic background includes a Certificate in Ordinary Diploma in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences from St John’s University of Tanzania, where he graduated with top honors. After completing his studies, he was licensed as a pharmaceutical technician by the Pharmacy Council of Tanzania in May 2020.

Since then, Chogero has worked in various public and private pharmaceutical institutions, gaining valuable experience and knowledge in the field. Currently, he works as a pharmaceutical technician at a reputable and well-established public hospital in Tanzania.

Updated on: 18 February 2023